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Somerset,   -   jeffcole4pa@gmail.com   -   Pennsylvania

Jobs - Bring good paying jobs to Somerset County. 

Healthcare - Expand access to affordable, quality healthcare

Seniors - Protect seniors and allow older Pennsylvanians to stay in their own homes longer. 

Education - Expand free education to State universities, and/or job re-education—with emphasis on software coding and 3D printing/robotics.

Term Limits - 8 years maximum in any public office

Dirty money - Get dark money out of politics.   

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Jeff's Message to You

Many of you have asked me how I feel about certain political issues. To be a “true” representative it’s not so much about how I feel. It’s about how you feel. My job will be to carry your voice to Harrisburg. A Representative takes the majority of his/her constituents concerns to the Harrisburg and votes accordingly. Maybe if we can get back to that process our government will actually work for the people instead of the select few. We have to get back to voting on issues that affect our daily lives. 

I think we can do better.