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Meet Jeff

I Think We Can Do Better

I grew up on a farm in South Western Pennsylvania and from the age of 5 took part in the twice-daily ritual of milking cows. Summers were filled with work; from picking rocks, to planting, to making hay. These values became a great asset when I graduated from high school and became the all too familiar statistic—“if you want a good job you have to move away from here.” So I moved to Southern California and put those “hard working” values to use.


I worked for Paramount Pictures and Fox, Inc. in Business Affairs and Legal. I jumped around a lot but was always learning, always studying this business.  It was a “dream” job but my dream was to write my own screenplay and have it made into a feature film.


In 2001, Michael Mailer (son of the great American writer, Norman Mailer) agreed to produce my screenplay. We shot the film in Montreal, Canada and it was to be released in the fall of 2001. Unfortunately, the events of 9/11 changed all of our lives.


It wasn’t long after that I starting spending more time in Pennsylvania with my family and then my nephew was killed in a car accident on Copper Kettle Highway in  August of 2003. It was then that I decided to move back home. As a hobby, I started buying and fixing up blighted properties in Somerset and Johnstown. In 2004, I helped move a small battery company to Somerset County and for 10 years helped them grow into a major North East distributor.‚Äč


I’ve done a lot of “things”; big and small, over my short existence in this world. I’ve accomplished a major goal that so few people ever get the chance to do; which is why I think I’ve become better at helping other people. So in continuation of that passion, I am seeking this position



                                                                                       - Jeff